Our number one priority is and has always been the athletes experience.

We will…

Provide the ultimate testing ground.

Create an environment as similar as possible to that of The CrossFit Games, in New Zealand.

Be fair across the board.

Without question, be un-bias.

Push competitors beyond their own expectations and beliefs.

Establish the most significant fitness competitions in New Zealand.

2018 saw the Individual competition moved to the Avantidrome, located 3.2km north of Cambridge. The Avantidrome offered significant differences that we could not mitigate or achieve at another venue. This included a significant improvement in warmup and cool-down facilities for athletes. Onsite a pool, multiple running tracks, fields, an indoor cycle track and a café all within walking distance which proved invaluable. Accommodation in the local area allows for only short drive to and from the venue and at a reasonable cost. The initial decision to move the competition was in reality an easy decision, with a positive result.

On the other hand, in the same year, on reflection of the Team competition we were presented an unsettling argument. The team’s competition has for years been in Mount Maunganui, at Baypark Arena. However, do the facilities provide the ability to truly test athletes? Can we, at Baypark Arena, provide a similar experience to the CrossFit Games? Can we test athletes beyond their own expectations? Above all, can we provide the best possible athlete experience?


Then, is there a venue in the Mount that can offer the experience we aim to create? Does the event need to be in the Mount? Does the time of the year matter?

Or, do we move to teams of four? Do we move to a three-day event? Do we move the location of the competition? What can we do to achieve the same or similar result to the individual competition? What can we do to achieve the best possible experience across the board?

Our decision…

2019 will see a number of changes which we believe are the appropriate steps in a positive direction.

The 2019 Individual Online Qualifier will remain over the period June 3rd – 28th.

The 2019 New Zealand National Individual finals will remain at the Avantidrome, in Cambridge, over the 20-21st July.

The qualification requirement for the Individual competition, and the number of qualifying athletes at the close of the Online Qualifier will remain at 32 males and females in each of the Scaled, Intermediate and Rx categories. Eight males and females in each of the Master’s Categories, those being 40-49 and 50+. This year will also see the introduction Teenage competitors with 8 qualifying spots for males and females in each category. Those categories being 14-15 and 16-17 years old. The Teenage competition will require a minimum of 12 competitors in each category during the Online Qualifier, and for eight to accept their invites to the Individual National Finals for the divisions to go ahead.

The 2019 Team Nationals will however, also be held at the Avantidrome, in Cambridge, and remain over Labour weekend, the 26-27th October.

The qualification/eligibility rules for the teams competition will remain the same, but the timeframe will move the close of the Individual Online qualifier. Therefore, instead of the 1st January, competitors will be required to meet all eligibility requirements from the 28th June of the competition year and onwards. As previous the teams competition will remain as teams of six from the same gym or Affiliate.

We understand that change is scary and that these changes will pose a number of questions. We do however truly believe this will allow the New Zealand Nationals to create a better, more memorable experience for all of our competitors.

Beyond 2019. We will continue to search for the best facility for both the nationals competitions. Moving back to the Mount or elsewhere will always be considered if a better venue became available.

– Michael Gillum.